Regulation of Adventure Tourism in Ecuador

Regulation of Adventure Tourism in Ecuador

In Partnership With: The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador


6 months




Enhance Ecuador's adventure tourism sector by improving regulatory frameworks aligned with the country's tourism landscape, providing tailored training for officials and providers, and developing an informed consent template based on international standards.

Milestones Ahead

Our focus for the next three months will be to develop an initial regulatory proposal and recommendations in collaboration with the government of Ecuador. This will involve defining innovative forms of adventure tourism within the legal framework. Furthermore, we will be engaging both, the public and private sectors, in capacity­building activities on crucial topics such as insurance and safety standards, informed consent, and comparative legislation.

Stay tuned for more updated on our progress towards enhancing Ecuador’s adventure tourism sector!

We are excited to announce that the initiative has begun with a productive working meeting.

During this session, we defined the official contact points, established a clear schedule of activities, and received an informative revies of Ecuador's current tourism legislation from the Ministry of Tourism.