Formulation of The Jinan International Tourism Destination Plan

Formulation of The Jinan International Tourism Destination Plan

In Partnership With: The Shan Dong Provincial Department of Culture And Tourism, and Shan Dong University


6 months


Jinan City, Shandong Province, China


Provide essential guidance to the stakeholders of Jinan City to successfully develop the tourism sector in line with international standards and best practices. This entails developing a comprehensive tourism strategy tailored to the city's unique characteristics.


Jinan is renowned as the 'Spring City,' distinguished by its 72 artesian springs within the ancient Ming Fu City. Although tourism ranks among the city's top ten industries, Jinan faces the challenge of being predominantly viewed as a brief stopover destination.

In this context, the project was designed to assess and strategize Jinan's tourism potential, aiming to equip stakeholders with the necessary tools to propel a sustainable tourism sector in the city.

Jinan, the capital city of Shandong province, boasts a thriving tourism sector with substantial potential for further development.

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The Final Jinan International Tourism destination Plan was presented to key tourism stakeholders and scientists at a meeting in December 2023, an has just been formally approved.