How can partners of One Planet use the logo of the Sustainable Tourism Programme?

One Planet - Sustainable Tourism: Logo Usage


Partners of the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme can use the logo to showcase their affiliation to the programme and promote connected initiatives. The use of the logo remains voluntary but is strongly encouraged. The logo is available in English, French and Spanish.


Daily use (emails and website)

  • Only approved Partners are authorized to use the logo.
  • The logo shows that the organization using it is committed to the objectives of One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme.
  • Opinions expressed by a Partner using the logo continue to belong to his/her organization.
  • The logo – including font, typeface color, background color, size proportion and graphic elements – should never be changed or altered.
  • The logo does not represent an endorsement of the activities of the Partner.

The logo for daily use comes with the tagline “Partner Organization” and can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. By downloading the logo, your organization accepts the terms and conditions.

Branding of initiatives 

  • Initiatives such as events, projects, trainings, workshops, communication campaigns, etc. can be branded with the logo to showcase their contribution to the objectives of the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme.
  • Permission has to be requested from the Coordination Desk before the logo is used.
  • The logo includes the tagline “An initiative contributing to” and will be sent by the Coordination Desk via email upon approval of the request.
  • The logo shall not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Branded initiatives are affiliated to the Programme’s portfolio and disseminated by the Coordination Desk through the Programme’s social media channels.