VeRoTour Project

VeRoTour Project


The VeRoTour project, of which UNWTO is a partner, aims to implement a trans-national thematic cultural route linking the diverse heritage that flourished during the reign of the Republic of Venice, also known as the Serenissima.

Originally established for commercial purposes, these routes, a complex and extraordinary amalgam of maritime routes, settlements and defensive fortifications, functioned as a central link between Venice and the ports and cities along the Euro-Mediterranean region. These routes also contributed and facilitated the fruitful exchange between peoples and cultures, some as diverse and far-ranging as the civilizations located along the historic Silk Road routes. As a result of centuries of trade and exchange, countless historic and cultural sites remain along the network of these famous routes and continue to enrich us to the present day.

The public and private partners of the consortium in charge of implementing this project aim to diversify the thematic tourism offer in Europe by developing trans-national and sustainable tourism products. Building upon the immense cultural heritage available, this initiative also aims to make sustainability a key element of competitiveness. Small and micro-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be directly involved in the project thanks to the strong support of the Chambers of Commerce located along the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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