Knowledge Exchange on Community-based Rural Tourism

Knowledge Exchange on Community-based Rural Tourism



Country:   PERU


Current status:      Concluded

Duration (est.)/dates: December 2008 – May 2010

Partner entities:  Ministry of Commerce and Tourism (MINCETUR)

Source(s) of Funding: ST-EP Foundation

Executing Agency:  Ministry of Commerce and Tourism (MINCETUR)

Main project objective:  to strengthen the management of community-based tourism (CBT) establishments through the exchange of experiences, in order to improve the quality of CBT products and services and to enhance the income generated through tourism.

Activities: Exchange visits to 12 CBT destinations (Sibayo and Yanque/Arequipa; Ccotos, Amantani and Taquile/Puno; Canta/Lima; Huanipaca/Abancay; Yauyos/Lima; Chaparri/Lambayeque; Pacaya/Loreto; Raqchi-Cuzco; Canrey-Ancash) were organized with participation of 57 people (18 women). Meetings and debates were held with entrepreneurs from other regions and the experiences gained were shared with the members of the community that did not travel. The Project also sponsored the CBT networks of Cusco, Puno, Arequipa, Ancash and Lima to participate at the Peruvian Tourism Fair of 2009.

Main project outputs/deliverables: The trainings raised awareness of the tourism experience and the need to offer quality services. Seven communities developed and started implementing improvement plans based on the lessons learned during the exchange of experiences with other communities.

Remarks: The project has been successful in enhancing the quality of the products offered locally and has fostered better interrelations between the small entrepreneurs, whose products are now being directly promoted at the TICs with the support of IHT.