“Desarrollo turístico sostenible”

CLOSED CALL: Training Programme in Morocco on “Building Resilience of Tourism Enterprises”


UNWTO Academy is looking for TEN EXPERTS for a UNWTO Training Programme in Morocco on “Building Resilience of Tourism Enterprises” with focus on adapting services to meet the post COVID-19 working conditions in terms of health, safety, and restoration of consumer confidence, promotion of tourism governance, public-private partnerships and collaborative efforts for tourism recovery - including crisis preparedness and management systems, protocols and skills.

This Training Programme is designed for different stakeholders from governmental and private sector with an aim to strengthen and complement the existing offer created by the Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Morocco and will be delivered through a set of different ONLINE training activities (webinars and online course) with a possibility to include online session in further stage of the programme.

Requested format and topics of the ONLINE training activities are the following:

  • Format:  4 Webinars (each webinar is 45 minutes content delivery and 30 min Q&A)
  • Topics:
    • Directives mondiales de l'OMT pour relancer le tourisme et Principaux défis et opportunités lors du redémarrage du tourisme au Maroc
    • Fondements  et bonnes pratiques de la santé et de la sécurité sur toute la chaine de valeur touristique
    • L’innovation et la digitalisation de la chaîne de valeur touristique
    • Les impacts de la crise de la COVID-19 sur l'expérience touristique et modes d’achat et de consommation des touristes (Balancing the ´customer journey´ with new operation guidelines)
  • Number of Participants: Up to 500 active participants during the Webinars, and up to 10.000 attendees on social media broadcast. Webinars will also be recorded and may be available on social media and MOTA web page for unlimited number of participants.
  • Format: 3 8-hours Online Courses, each one split over 2 days (possibility to also include onsite session)
  • Topics:  
    • Les solutions innovantes pour la relance du secteur touristique post COVID-19
    • Stimuler la compétitivité et renforcer la résilience des PME touristiques
    • Renforcement des capacités de gestion de crise
  • Number of Participants: In order to guarantee good interaction with participants, online trainings are limited to 40 participants per group/trainer. 2 Parallel groups will be trained on each topic, totalizing 80 participants per topic, thus totalizing 240 participants.

All experts applying for UNWTO Training Programme in Morocco on Building Resilience of Tourism Enterprises, to be held in June and July  2021 (dates to be confirmed), shall answer the following competencies:

  1. proven experience on the topics of the initiative
  2. have broad international, and private and public experience
  3. be able to work and speak fluently in Arabic and French (*English language is a mandatory requirement in order to communicate with UNWTO Academy staff)
  4. have very good experience on teaching and training
  5. have abilities and skills to share knowledge in an interactive and practical manner
  6. preferably know the tourism reality of the region
  7. preferably have a good knowledge of UNWTO's work and programmes
  8. proven experience in using Zoom platform
  9. proven experience in Online education

The experts of the above-mentioned Training Programme are expected to provide the following services, with the support and under the supervision of the UNWTO Academy:

  1. prepare and develop, in collaboration with the other expert, the documents for the training programme
  2. participate as an expert
  3. write a report, with recommendations

If you wish to apply, please fill out this experts’ application form before 14th August 2021.
If you have any problems, do not hesitate to write to capacity@unwtoacademy.org
All candidacies will be considered and evaluated, but only short-listed candidates will be contacted.