Dining event presented by four top-notch chefs to introduce the charm of high-quality food of Niigata prefecture, JAPAN

Niigata Prefecture held the “Niigata Premium Dining'” event in Singapore that is known as a “food capital” for the first time overseas on November 22nd and 23rd, disseminating the stories of Niigata's high-quality food and the culture, history, and climate behind it.

It takes about 70 minutes by bullet train from Tokyo. Niigata Prefecture, a region facing the Sea of Japan with heavy snowfall, is a treasure trove of Japanese food where you can enjoy a variety of ingredients including abundant seafood, delicacies from the mountains and villages, rice and sake blessed with snowmelt water and fermented foods unique to snowy regions.

In addition to two young chefs representing Niigata Prefecture, Chef Keiko Kuwakino (Satoyama Jujo) and Chef Shunsuke Yoneyama (Miyanoya-Hakkaisan soba), Chef Goh Fukuyama (Goh) who is well versed in Niigata Prefecture's food participated in the event from Japan.

The restaurant where the event was held is ESORA, a modern Japanese kappo restaurant in Singapore with one Michelin star. The four chefs including Chef Takeshi Araki of ESORA served special dishes to about 70 guests such as media, chefs and travel professionals.

Chef Shunsuke Yoneyama performed soba noodle making which is rare in Singapore.