UN Tourism and Moldova Launch Joint Project for Female Leadership in Tourism

UN Tourism and Moldova Launch Joint Project for Female Leadership in Tourism

UN Tourism will work with the Ministry of Culture of Moldova to advance female leadership in tourism and boost the sector’s contribution to gender equality.

The "Empowering Young Women: sustainable livelihoods through tourism" initiative aims to support women at every stage of their careers in the sector, while also  advancing several of the Sustainable Development Goals, including those related to gender equality, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. The project will also count on the support of Invest Moldova Agency, and the Moldova State University, with funding from the Estonian Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.

Training the Trainers for a ripple effect

To kick off the initiative, a pilot tourism skills training session, led by nine pioneering female trainers and five rural women entrepreneurs was held in Puhoi (26-27 February). Covering a diverse curriculum from Tourist Safety and Security to Digital Literacy, this session marks the first of many, with plans to extend training to approximately 200 rural women across Moldova in April 2024.

UN Tourism's experts then worked with women identified as potential trainers in tourism skills and in advancing gender equality. The support focused on the significance of gender equality in tourism, global challenges women face in the sector, and reviewed best practices for women's empowerment. This strategy aims to cultivate a self-sustaining cycle of mentorship and growth among female trainers in Moldova, paving the way for enduring professional development.

Championing Gender Equality through expertise

Natalia Bayona, Executive Director of UN Tourism says: "Women are crucial to tourism sector, accounting for 54% of the global workforce. Nevertheless, gender inequality is still a real challenge, with 42% of women were working in the informal economy versus 32% of men, and women were paid 14.7% less on average than men. Education and capacity building programmes are key to transforming both the sector and women's future"

Andrei Chistol, State Secretary, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova: "Rural tourism is one of the priorities for the Ministry of Culture in Moldova. Training the capacities of 200 women in the field of tourism will contribute substantially to the development and consolidation of rural communities, the creation of new jobs, and promote new tourist destinations that will enhance potential of the Republic of Moldova as a destination."

"The pilot program, led by pioneering female trainers, exemplifies the immediate impact of this initiative, providing hands-on training to rural women entrepreneurs and paving the way for further expansion across the country. Moreover, the focus on championing gender equality within the tourism sector underscores the initiative's commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity and this project showcasing the transformative potential of collaboration and concerted efforts," said Otilia Dandara, First Deputy Rector of Moldova State University.

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