Strengthening Sustainable Aviation and Tourism: UNWTO and AFRAA extend Collaboration Until 2025

Strengthening Sustainable Aviation and Tourism: UNWTO and AFRAA extend Collaboration Until 2025

In a pivotal move for the future of African aviation and tourism, UNWTO and the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) have formalized their commitment with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), extending their partnership until 2025.

A Commitment to Synergies 

Initiated in August 2021, this MOU underscores the joint commitment of UNWTO and AFRAA to fortify the intricate relationship between aviation and tourism. The collaborative action plan outlined in the agreement aims to drive future joint activities, with a specific focus on promoting tourism and cultivating a resilient air travel industry in Africa. 

Addressing Key Industry Challenges 

At the core of this collaboration is a comprehensive communication campaign designed to address pivotal industry challenges. This campaign exemplifies the shared dedication of UNWTO and AFRAA to finding sustainable solutions that foster growth and resilience in both sectors. 

UNWTO's Active Involvement 

UNWTO's active participation in AFRAA's events has played a pivotal role in enhancing the exchange of knowledge and expertise. Moreover, the technical input provided by UNWTO into the steering committee of the Air Transport Sustainability LAB, launched in 2022, has yielded significant results. Notably, UNWTO's nomination as the Chair of one of the five LAB key projects underscores its leadership and dedication to advancing sustainable practices. 

Key Projects for Sustainable Growth 

One of the critical projects focuses on strengthening the partnership between airlines and tourism bodies to promote intra-Africa tourism. The overarching goal is to boost tourism and travel growth sustainably, with a parallel emphasis on identifying funding sources for skills development in both sectors. 

Resilience, Unity, and Vision 

This extended partnership serves as a testament to the resilience and unity within the aviation and tourism sectors. By joining forces, UNWTO and AFRAA express a collective vision to unlock the full potential of these crucial industries in Africa. Together, they embark on a path that aligns with sustainable practices, elevating aviation and tourism and contributing to the continent's economic and social development. The joint commitment until 2025 reflects a steadfast dedication to fostering collaborative initiatives that shape the future of aviation and tourism in Africa. 

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