Seychelles Tourism Department Charts a Path to Sustainable Tourism with New Policy Framework

Seychelles Tourism Department Charts a Path to Sustainable Tourism with New Policy Framework

The Seychelles Tourism Department is embarking on a significant journey towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of its tourism industry.



With the invaluable support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), the department is spearheading the creation of a robust Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework.  

At its core, this framework is designed to set out the vision, policies and actions needed to transform tourism to make it more resilient, prosperous and inclusive of communities of Seychelles. It also aims at identifying areas and resources to strengthen the capacity of both public and private stakeholders in managing the impact of tourism development in Seychelles. 

Central to this initiative is establishing a tourism model that support national and regional commitments. The objective is clear: to develop a comprehensive framework for the planning, development, promotion, and monitoring of the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainable tourism in Seychelles. 

This initiative, spanning from November 2023 to July 2024, is characterized by extensive consultations with a diverse array of stakeholders, ranging from government agencies and industry representatives to non-governmental organisations (NGOs). 

By adopting this framework as a long-term strategy, the Seychelles Tourism Department aims to foster a culture wherein stakeholders prioritise sustainable practices and conscientiously consider the impacts of unsustainable development. Moreover, the project seeks to articulate a comprehensive vision, backed by policies and actionable strategies, aimed at enhancing the resilience, prosperity, and inclusivity of Seychelles' tourism sector, with a strong emphasis on community involvement. 


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