LT LUXY Conciergerie, UNWTO Affiliate Member

LT LUXY Conciergerie, UNWTO Affiliate Member

Africa not only has the need, but also the potential, to offer exceptional luxury services. With its breath-taking landscapes, incredible wildlife, and diverse cultural richness, the African continent provides a perfect backdrop for the development of a luxury industry.



LT LUXY CONCIERGERIE, a luxury concierge service based in Abidjan specializing in Luxury Concierge services in Paris and at CDG airport, focuses on serving a premium African clientele and LT LUXY is now transferring its expertise to the African market. This article highlights a concrete activity and the remarkable results it has achieved. 

Featuring adventure and infinite cultural diversity and offering unforgettable experiences to travellers from all over the world, we are proud to be part of this beautiful region and contribute to its tourism development. 

However, to fully develop this potential, it is necessary to invest in infrastructure, training and promotion of the luxury sector in Africa. This requires cooperation between governments, private companies and local communities in order to develop a sustainable and responsible luxury industry, which values the continent's natural and cultural heritage while offering world-class services. 

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