Maldives’ tourism looking up after reopening

Despite challenges faced during the year, the Maldives welcomed a total of 555,494 international tourists in 2020. In January 2021, arrival numbers stood at 92,103 and it increased to 99,397 by 3rd February 2021 with a daily average of 2,923 tourists. Though this was a decline of 47.5% compared with that of 2020, tourists are seen spending their holidays for longer duration, extending the average duration of stay in the Maldives from 7.2 days in 2020 to 9.2 days in 2021.

The Maldives observed significant changes to its top markets since re-opening of borders on 15 July 2020. As of 3rd February 2021, Russia stood at the top as the number one market with 23% shares and 22,365 tourists. India followed closely behind with 21% shares and 20,933 tourists. Ukraine, which made it to the top market list of Maldives after the re-opening of borders, stood third in the list contributing 7.8% shares with 7,709 tourists. Other top source markets include Kazakhstan (4.9%), France (4.5%), Romania (3.8%), Germany (3.7%), United Kingdom (2.6%), Czech Republic (2.2%) and U.S.A (2.1%).

The Maldives is seeing optimistic results with recovery trends from Central/Eastern Europe and South Asian region as well as some markets from the Middle East and Americas. Central/Eastern Europe and South Asia posted a double-digit growth of 63.9% and 24.6% respectively in 2021 as of 3rd February. Individual markets such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Romania posted growth rates over 100%.

Since the re-opening of Maldives borders, 27 scheduled airlines are operating to the Maldives, from various countries across the globe, most of them being long haul. The highest number of movements and passengers came from Emirates, Qatar Airways, Indigo, Go Air and Aeroflot. With the rapid growth in new markets from Central and Eastern Europe, 6 flights from the region are now operating to the Maldives.

Looking at COVID-19 situation in the Maldives, as of 3rd February over 3000 samples are being tested daily, which includes departure samples. The tourist’s positivity rate, as a percentage of total arrivals remain significantly low at 0.08% in January 2021. As of 3rd February 2021, there are 3 COVID-19 hospital facilities in greater Male’ area with 266 beds and additional 6 COVID-19 hospital facilities across the country with a total of 188 beds. In isolation facilities, tourists stay in private areas with special arrangements and are closely monitored by healthcare professionals.

The Maldives tourism recovery drive has been anchored on facilitating maximum safety and security possible to tourists, employees and the public, with minimal inconvenience.  With over 87% of the total 51,000 beds now in operation in resorts, hotels and guesthouses, and liveaboard safari boats, Maldives expects to welcome 1.5 million tourists and 10 million bed nights in 2021.

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