Launch of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

Launch of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

During the event, the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative was officially announced. Representatives from lead organisations presented the operational structure of the initiative and key stakeholders from the tourism sector explained the co-creation process of the menu of commitments. At the same time, leading businesses, destinations and associations explained why it is important to engage with the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative.

From the Launch Event, accommodation businesses and destinations can join the initiative and become signatories. Their respective “signatory packs” are available online here. Companies representing other segments of the tourism value chain such as airlines, tour operators, cruises as well as associations and NGOs, were cordially invited to join the co-creation process of their specific commitments.

Global Tourism Plastic Iniciative

The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative aims to articulate, support and scale-up action by tourism stakeholders and is building a global alliance to fight plastic pollution. As part of the activities of the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme, the Initiative is led by UN Environment and UNWTO in collaboration with Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Recognizing the global importance of the tourism sector and its role as an agent of change, the Initiative will support partner organizations in making better use of plastics in their operations and reducing plastic waste. In particular, action towards 2025 is being structured through the development of a menu of commitments for private sector, destinations and associations to define concrete roadmaps for implementation by 2025.

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