Snow Tourism in Heilongjiang Province

UNWTO Hosts Training Seminar on Ice and Snow Tourism in Heilongjiang Province, China

More than 120 participants from different prefectures of Heilongjiang Province, China, took part in a special UNWTO training seminar on winter tourism and on making the sector open to everybody.

Experts from UNWTO are currently working alongside the Heilongjiang Provincial Culture and Tourism Department to finalize two different plans for the regional tourism sector. The Heilongjiang Provincial Inclusive Tourism Development Plan aims to grow the regional tourism sector in an inclusive manner between 2020 and 2030.

Alongside this, the Ice and Snow Tourism Development Plan is aimed at consolidating the province’s status as a leading seasonal tourism destination and will also run between now and 2030.

To ensure a strong start to the partnership, a special training seminar focused on the strategic recommendations and pilot projects for both Plans was held on 14 January 2020 in the provincial capital of Harbin. Among the participants were senior tourism officials and private sector representatives, as well as experts from UNWTO.

With the feedback received during the seminar, UNWTO is now finalizing the overall tourism planning strategy for the province as well as the specific plan for ice and snow tourism. Both of these will then be officially presented to the Heilongjiang Department of Culture and Tourism