ffiliate Members Corner: Leading the Decade of Public Private Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

UNWTO Affiliate Members Corner: Leading the Decade of Public Private Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

Thursday, 5 March 10:30 – 13:00 CityCube Berlin – Conference Room M1, 3rd Floor – ITB Berlin

After the cancellation of ITB Berlin, this event has been postponed. An alternative date will be confirmed in due course.

SDGs Tourism

In the UNWTO Affiliate Members Department we work closely with civil society, media, private sectors, unions, academia and other stakeholders to stimulate creativity, enhance competitiveness and achieve tangible results through long-term cooperation between private entities and governments, sharing risks, responsibilities and rewards.

The AM Corner is a forum to show the work of our Affiliate Members to all the tourism stakeholders and be part of the transformative power of cross sector partnership to create a more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable and resilient tourism sector. In line with the objective of the organization- creating more value for our Member-, this session has been organized to give UNWTO Affiliate Members the opportunity to present their work to the other Members and the participants to ITB Berlin.

Public-Private Partnerships in tourism bring together stakeholders with different objectives and skills to improve the attractiveness of a regional destination, its productivity, market efficiency, and the overall management of tourism. These partnerships can widen contacts and strengthen communities, link components within the tourism value chain, improve marketability of tourism initiatives or ensure inclusiveness and equity. Our Affiliate Members work to improve the sustainability of local tourism expenditure, in order to bring widespread benefits to numerous big and small businesses, their employees in tourism-linked sectors and to society as a whole.

This events aims to:

  • To present the work of the UNWTO Affiliate Members in the area of sustainable tourism through initiatives, projects, publications, cooperation, etc.
  • To provide networking opportunities for any potential partnership
  • To share and exchange knowledge, views, experiences.

The following guidelines have been established for this session:

  • There will be offered a number of slots allocated on a first-come first-served basis, following approval by the Affiliate Members Department.
  • Interventions should have a maximum duration of 10 minutes.
  • Interventions may not be promotional in nature, but rather refer to a specific project/initiative/activity/event, related to sustainability.

The Affiliate Members interested in having the opportunity to present their projects in ITB Berlin, within this framework offered by UNWTO Affiliate Members Department, are kindly requested to inform us at: [email protected].


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