The UNWTO Affiliate Members Corner

UNWTO Affiliate Members Corner 2021

21 May 2021, 10:30h, Fitur at Room “Sustainability”, FITURTECHY


In line with the calendar of activities established through the Programme of Work for 2021 of the Affiliate Members Department, and following the success of the previous edition, the Affiliate Members Department is making available the UNWTO Affiliate Members Corner: Tourism Recovery at FITUR 2021 -the International Tourism Fair in Madrid (Spain), as an exclusive space dedicated to UNWTO´s Affiliate Members.

The aim of this space at FITUR is:

  • to share ideas, knowledge and expertise.
  • to offer greater visibility to Affiliate Members’ activities and initiatives at this important International Fair.
  • to provide networking opportunities for any potential partnership and collaboration for the presented projects.

The UNWTO Affiliate Members Corner: Tourism Recovery

The ‘’UNWTO Affiliate Members Corner: Tourism Recovery’’ will take place on 21st May 2021 from 10:30h to 13:30h (Madrid time) at Room “Sustainability”, FITURTECHY, IFEMA.

During this 3-hour session, a selected group of Affiliate Members will present their work and initiatives on the priority topic ‘’Tourism Recovery’’.

The Session will be open to UNWTO Affiliate Members and to all participants and visitors of FITUR (with limited capacity).

Embracing digitalization and innovation in tourism

  • “Travel community Moscow Travel Hub”, Anastasia Popova, Head of MICE Department, Moscow City Tourism Committee (Russia)
  • “The Transformative role of DMOs for the tourism recovery, regeneration and resilience”, Patrick Torrent, President, NECStouR (Belgium)
  • “An ecosystem designed by and for travellers”, Fernando Barcenilla, Head of B2C and Digital, Allianz Partners (Spain)
  • “Gamification of the touristic experience”, Damià Serrano, Experience Marketing & Research Director, Catalan Tourism Board (Spain)
  • “Tourism Data System 2+”, Alicia Orellana, Manager, Tourism Observatory (Eurecat) (Spain)

Marketing strategies for tourism recovery

  • “Mexican Caribbean, A Successful Recovery. Lessons learnt.”, Darío Flota Ocampo, Director General, Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council (CPTQ) (Mexico)
  • “New initiatives for tourism recovery in Barcelona”, Alexandra Marcó, Marketing Director, Turisme de Barcelona (Spain)
  • “Reigniting Demand for Destinations: A case study with Menorca Tourism”, Myriam Younes, Director, Business Development, Expedia Group (USA)
  • "Tourism Recovery Plan in a World Heritage City, Santiago de Compostela”, Flavia Ramil Millarengo, Managing Director, Turismo de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
  • “World Leisure Day”, Cristina Ortega Nuere, Chief Academic and Operating Officer, World Leisure Organization (USA)
  • “Travel to Center of Mexico Strategy”,  Juan José Álvarez Brunel, President, Guanajuato Tourism Observatory & Secretary of Tourism of Guanajuato (Mexico)

Reactivation Strategies – Towards a safer, more inclusive and more sustainable tourism

  • “The commitment of Colombian tourism based on the new tourism law and the reactivation of Colombia in the post-pandemic”, Jaime Alberto Cabal Sanclemente, President, FENALCO (Colombia)
  • “Mallorca Safe Tourism”, Andreu Serra Martínez, President, Fundación Mallorca Turismo (Spain)
  • “Safe Tourism Certification Programme”, Elif Balcı Fisunoğlu, Deputy General Manager, Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) (Turkey)
  • “Health Identification Card”, Fernando Lecuona, Business Development Director of hi+Card, Tourism Data Driven Solutions (Spain)
  • “I International Conference on Astrotourism”, Antonia M. Varela, Director, Starlight Foundation (Spain)

UNWTO Affiliate Members Corner: Tourism Recovery - Initiatives

Note: The initiatives presented on this page are not endorsed by the UNWTO and are presented here for awareness purposes

Moscow City Tourism Committee | Travel community “Moscow Travel Hub”

Moscow City Tourism CommitteeThis platform brings together players in Moscow tourism industry in an effort to forge new partnerships, re-package and customize products and services and implement digital solutions.

The Hub’s ecosystem includes:

  1. Accelerator, which is a support institute for startups;
  2. Hackathon, a team competition of programmers to solve a partner’s technical case;
  3. Meetings / conferences.

For more information: Moscow Travel Hub | Anastasia Popova

NECSTouR | The transformative role of DMOs for tourism recovery, regeneration and resilience

NECSTouRSince the start of the crisis NECSTouR has become essential for the European regions to jointly build the recovery of their tourism destinations while ensuring the Digital and Green transition of their tourism ecosystem. This has been endeavoured through continuous knowledge exchange (measures, plans, financing) and smooth EU – territorial dialogue.

For more information: NECSTouR Agenda 2050 web section | Sandra de Puig

Allianz Partners | An ecosystem designed by and for travellers

Allianz PartnersWe launch Allyz, accessible to All travellers. It´s a platform that provide services to help travellers make smarter and safer choices at all steps of their travel experience from the moment they start to plan a trip, to the moment they arrive back home. Features include a destination explorer, travel wallet, travel protection solutions, travel alerts, instant flight delay compensation, 24/7 assistance.

For more information: Allyz | Beatriz Toribio

Catalan Tourism Board | Gamification of the touristic experience  

Catalan Tourism BoardThe gamification program consists of a Webapp with a set of games for the kids in relation with storytelling on Legends Hunter’s Club. Its aim is to make certified family destinations public in a funny way.

This is how we introduce digitalization innovation when promoting family tourism.

For more information: Juego de cazadores de leyendas | Club de cazadores de leyendas | Cristina Llagostera

EURECAT, Technology Centre of Catalonia | Tourism Data System 2+

EurecatThis project consists of the creation of an innovative platform that advances the current Tourism Data System (aimed at providing information on accommodation providers) on the Costa Daurada and Terres de l’Ebre (Tarragona, Spain). The project has the dual purpose of strengthening the sustainable specialisation and competitiveness of the regions of Tarragona from the perspective of tourism, as well as its mains products and destinations in the field of family tourism.

For more information: PECT TurisTIC in family | Alicia Orellana

Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council (CPTQ)  | Mexican Caribbean, A Successful Recovery. Lessons learnt.

Quitana RooDiscover a unique region in the world, diverse in terms of destinations and tourist attractions: Blue sea, white sand beaches, rainforest, archeological sites, cenotes, underground rivers, islands, lagoons, Mayan culture and history. With an infrastructure that competes worldwide for the variety in its offer of accommodation, typical and international cuisine, connectivity, multiculturalism, and natural resources. The Mexican Caribbean is the paradise of Mexico where there is always something new to discover.

For more information: Caribe Mexicano | Andres Aguilar

Turisme de Barcelona | New initiatives for tourism recovery in Barcelona

Barcelona TurismeThe initiatives are two different projects:

a) Barcelona Workation. A new campaign with the slogan “Move your desk. Change your Life” and the hashtag #workfromBarcelona, focused on slow tourism, digital nomads and professionals working from home which will support tourism seasonality.
b) CkeckBarcelona. A new OWA (Progressive Web App) to provide relevant information to tourists with the objective to increase the level of satisfaction.

For more information: CheckBarcelona | Ignacio de Delàs

Expedia Group | Reigniting Demand for Destinations: A case study with Menorca Tourism

Expedia GroupDuring summer 2020, Expedia Group Media Solutions ran a highly flexible and creative initiative with Menorca Tourism that began during a period of lockdown, making use of a wide range of digital tools designed to help build demand and bookings once travel restrictions were lifted.

For more information: Myriam Younes

Turismo de Santiago de Compostela-Spain | Tourism Recovery Plan in a World Heritage City, Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de CompostelaTourist Promotion Campaign on the Internet and social networks, implemented in different phases during 2020 and 2021, adapting to the corresponding tourist-mobility restrictions related to COVID-19. Our slogan "Ultreia" means both "keep going" and "we'll get it" for Pilgrims on the Way to Santiago.

For more information: Flavia Ramil Millarengo

World Leisure Organization | World Leisure Day

World Leisure OrganizationInternational days are occasions to educate the general public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity. In that sense, World Leisure Day has helped us to position leisure and tourism as a political priority for the post-pandemic recovery by promoting both of them as a real matter of interest for citizens and governments. By sharing our objectives and strategies with UNWTO's, we do believe that together we will manage to mobilize the political will and resources necessary for sustainable human development and for tourism recovery. This initiative was originally designed as a pilot project. Given its success and repercussion, we are very pleased to announce that it will be running again next year, and we hope to do so for many years from now.

For more information: World Leisure Day | Cristina Ortega Nuere

Guanajuato Tourism Observatory | Travel to Center of Mexico Strategy

GuanajuatoDue to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, with the aim to promote the recovery of tourism enteprises, a new alliance is born between the following mexican states: Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí y Zacatecas.


  1. Strategic work to join forces in order to promote local and regional tourism reactivation in a coordinated way.
  2. Enhance and promote competitive advantages of the region through road trips.
  3. Measurement of regional tourism post pandemic.

For more information: Viajar en corto | Miriam Cecilia Adame

Federación Nacional de Comerciantes Empresarios  (FENALCO) - Colombia | The commitment of Colombian tourism based on the new tourism law and the reactivation of Colombia in the post-pandemic

FenalcoBased on the new tourism law and the economic reactivation policies, FENALCO identified 3 strategic lines to support the reactivation of the sector: Design of new tourism products, reactivation of domestic tourism and the use of digital platforms.

For more information: Digital Platform | Thelma Gomez

Fundación Mallorca Turismo | Mallorca Safe Tourism

Fundación Mallorca TurismoThe immediate mobilisation of the Mallorcan tourism sector in the face of the present crisis has been very remarkable. The island promotes and coordinate different actions to be a safe destination. Actors involved in the tourist industry are developing tangible technological solutions and protocols for safe stays that are already in place in tourist establishments, on beaches, in cultural and sporting events, in tourist places or at the airport itself, including the island's health infrastructure.

For more information: Info Mallorca | María del Camino González

Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) | Safe Tourism Programme of Turkiye

Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development AgencyThe Programme defines and advises an extensive series of measures to be taken with regards to transportation and accommodation of all Turkish and international visitors who will spend their holidays in Türkiye as well as the well-being and health conditions of guests and of employees working at touristic facilities.

For more information: Safe Tourism | Elif Balcı Fisunoğlu

Tourism Data Driven Solutions | Hi+Card, Health Identification Card

TDDSThrough the system, you can consult or add any medical information, from anywhere in the world, when necessary (vaccines, allergies, current or past diseases, treatments, etc.), provided that it is a Health Authority National or authorized health entities / professionals. Hi+Card generates savings and efficiencies in the system by not having to duplicate tests.

For more information: Hi+Card | Fernando Lecuona

Starlight Foundation | I International Conference on Astrotourism By Starlight

Starlight FoundationThe I International Conference on Astrotourism by Starlight, 8-11 September 2021 (Évora, Portugal) will feature the participation of experts who will address the challenges and opportunities of astrotourism internationally. It is organized by the Starlight Foundation, Dark Sky Association,  with the Évora University collaboration and the participation  of the UNWTO.

For more information: Fundación Starlight | Antonia M. Varela

Guineatur | SAFE Equatorial Guinea

GuineaturEquatorial Guinea was one of the best countries in Africa challenging the Covid-19 pandemic: its prompt response helped to keep the infection numbers low thanks to the closing of its borders since the start of the Pandemic in Europe (March 2020) and the strict application of the anti-Covid-19 hygiene and health measures. With a rapid mass vaccination of the population, the admission in the country of people with vaccine carnet, EG is creating a Covid-free Tourism site.

For more information: Rosini Federico

Rainmaker Travel | How Restoring Economic Sustainability of Hospitality & Tourism Businesses and Destinations is the Key for Tourism Recovery

RainmarkerFor more information: Thomas Mueller

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