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Glasgow Declaration - Regenerative Tourism for Resilience: Policy, Practice and Finance

Glasgow Declaration - Regenerative Tourism for Resilience: Policy, Practice and Finance

Antigua and Barbuda | 29th May 2024 | Time: 4:00 – 5.30 PM | Location: Antigua and Barbuda

Tourism is a key sector for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), representing up to 70% of the GDP in some SIDS. COVID-19 led to drastic reductions in export revenues, job losses, affecting SMEs and hindering progress towards the SDGs. In 2023, SIDS achieved a rebound of tourism to 92% of pre-pandemic levels, outpacing the global rate. But, can the resilience of tourism be taken for granted?

The need to enhance tourism governance in SIDS for resilience and sustainability is of utmost importance in the face of escalating environmental vulnerabilities and additional setbacks such as inflation and higher travel costs. Participants will identify policies and levers that incentivize regenerative tourism through restoration of ecosystems and community inclusion; strengthen local supply chains; diversify business models and integrate circularity, including in connection with food and also waste; and most importantly unlock innovative finance like nature-based financing and blue carbon initiatives.

The event connects with the implementation of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism which promotes an integrated approach mitigation – adaptation that supports tourism ecosystem and destinations in building resilience to climate risk and enables a transition towards regenerative and circular approaches. Synergies will be sought with the work of UNFCCC’s Regional Collaboration Centres.

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