Asia and the Pacific Webinar: Digitalization in Tourism

This Asia and the Pacific Webinar: Digitalization in Tourism is hosted by Sejong University, in collaboration with the Tourism Council of Bhutan and UNWTO.

1. Background

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an unprecedented global health crisis that has rippled throughout the world economy and brought substantial and potentially long-lasting transformation to the hospitality and tourism industries in particular. Tourism has been severely impacted by the pandemic due to the imposition of travel restrictions and other measures, among heightened health concerns.

A 2016 report from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) stated, “Technology pervades every area of tourism and must be given the highest priority when developing the workforce for the industry.” In the current global environment, this has become even more important for the Asia-Pacific region than ever before. As national economies and governments work to repair the damage to the economy and move forward into the future, Digitalization is the key to success in the tourism sector. Information and communication technologies (ICT) in a digitalized tourism sector offer business opportunities and capabilities for sustainable development into the future.

This Webinar is aimed to address the current issues in the Digitalization of the tourism sector by introducing best practices and real-world cases applicable to the Asian-Pacific region.

2. Objective

To familiarize participants from the UNWTO Member States with applicable best practices on Digitalization for the tourism sector of Asia and the Pacific region.

3. Topics: Digitalization in Tourism

Due to the diverse nature of the tourism sector, a range of topics has been selected to cater to the various applications relevant to the sector. Topics range from the hospitality industry to the airline industry to data sharing via national tourism organizations. By introducing the foundations of data analytics and the sharing of real-world applications of Digitalization, the goal of this Webinar is to show through practical examples how Digitalization can be utilized for the benefit of travellers, the private sector and the public sectors within the context of the tourism industry. In essence, Digitalization can be a win-win-win scenario if managed properly, and this Webinar gives insight into just how to accomplish this successfully.

4. Schedule

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

  • 10:00 – 14:30 (GMT +6)

  • 13:00 – 17:30 (GMT +9)

5. Target Audience:

  • UNWTO Member States in Asia and the Pacific

  • By invitation

*The online registration link has been sent by UNWTO to the invited Member States.​​

Please note that the Webinar will be live-streamed on YouTube through the link here in English, and here in Korean.


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You can download the webinar brochure here.

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