UNWTO Workshop on Sustainable Tourism Development Product in the Pacific Islands

The UNWTO Workshop on Sustainable Tourism Development in the Pacific Islands will be held in a hybrid manner in Suva, Fiji on 31st March 2021.

The Pacific is a region covering one third of our planet’s surface. Destinations within the region are diverse, in terms of their populations, ease of access, degree of tourism development, culture and language, etc. There is growing awareness across the region that tourism could play an increasingly important role in economic development. There is also an opportunity to preserve the environment and cultural resources: whilst pristine environments are not the exclusive domain of Pacific islands nations, their unique individual cultural heritage differentiates them from the global market. Tourism is seen as an opportunity to continue to provide sustainable economic growth even as natural resources reach their limit within economic contribution.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented socio-economic impacts, especially in the tourism sector. For many Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS), tourism is an important socioeconomic pillar. This implies long-term holistic thinking with regards to the challenges brought by the pandemic, and thus connects with the need to transition to a more sustainable tourism model.

The workshop is specifically designed to support tourism stakeholders from the Pacific Island Countries in the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 that has affected all countries around the globe, but particularly Small Island Destinations in the Pacific who strongly depend on tourism as their main means of subsistence. It aims at strengthening effective and responsive sustainable tourism product development at national and destination levels, at a critical moment when most countries are struggling to restart their tourism.

The objectives of the workshop are:

Moreover, the workshop strives to enable the Pacific Island Countries to share successful tourism good practices on sustainable tourism development. The ultimate aim is to strengthen the capacity of destinations at the regional, national, and destination levels. Attending this workshop is the opportune chance to learn about sustainable tourism product development and engage with other government officials from Pacific Islands.

The workshop includes three sessions focusing on the following topics:

Each session will have a presentation with an expert, followed by 3 country presentations addressing countires’ specificities and highlighting best practices on each topic. A Q&A discussion will be held for all participants so that they can share their country’s views and priorities on each topic. A conclusion will serve as a wrap up for each session.

Contact information:

UNWTO Secretariat

Ms. Alcinda Trawen

Deputy Manager Research & International Relations,

UNWTO Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific



Ms. Orianne Derrier

Regional Project Specialist

Regional Department for Asia and the Pacific, UNWTO




  • Introduction Session

          --Ms. Alcinda Trawen_RSOAP

          --Dr. Noel Scott_Sunshine Coast University

          --Mr. Frans Teguh_Indonesia

          --Mr. Petero Manufolau_Kiribati

          --Mrs. Christina Leala Gale_SPTO

          --Ms. Moka Ioane-Laufoli_Niue

          --Mr. Michel Julian_UNWTO

          --Mr. Mohd Daud Mohd Arif_Malaysia

          --Mr. Paul Pio_Vanuatu

          --Ms. Jacinta Lal_Fiji

          --Ms. Jennifer Bartlett_Consultant

          --Dr. Seul Ki Lee_Sejong University

          --Mr. Hironui Johnston_Thahiti French Polynesia

          --Mr. Paul Davis_New Zealand

          --Ms. Emma Campbell_Fiji DMO

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