Business and Tourism Academic Fair 2023

Potiguar University - Mossoró - RN - Brazil

Scheduled for September 27th, this innovative event will be held in Mossoró on the central campus of Universidade Potiguar - UnP, together with the campuses of Pau dos Ferros and Caicó, and in partnership with ProTurismoRN, will bring together an incredible diversity of sectors and opportunities and entry will be completely free. The 1st Academic Business and Tourism Fair - FANTUR, is part of the special program of the Employability and Career Fair promoted by UnP on the 26th and 27th of this month. The UnP Mossoró Employability and Careers Fair is an event that promises to be a milestone in discovering opportunities and horizons for future professionals, whether they are students, graduates and/or working in the job market in Rio Grande do Norte. If you are about to enter university or are in the middle of your academic journey, this fair is an unmissable event. The event will bring together universities, companies from different industries and commerce, experienced professionals and tourism and business enthusiasts. You'll have the chance to explore a wide range of courses, careers and business opportunities, all in one place. Fair Highlights: A) Discovering Careers and Professions: Explore a variety of career options, from the most traditional to the most innovative, and have direct conversations with professionals in the field to better understand their trajectories and challenges. B) Higher Education: Discover the main degrees in the region, their course offerings and academic programs. Ask your questions directly to academic and teaching representatives. C) Business and Entrepreneurship: Stay up to date with trends in the business world, hear inspiring stories from local entrepreneurs and discover how to turn your ideas into reality. D) Tourism, Gastronomy and Hospitality: Explore the exciting field of tourism, go behind the scenes of the hospitality, gastronomy and travel industry and discover how you can be part of this experience. E) Business and Networking Round: Connect with professionals, colleagues and companies, expanding your network of contacts and opening doors to future opportunities. Follow us on social media @universidadepotiguar / @unponlinemossoro / @proturismorn / @agenda.role and find out all the news. The 1st Mossoró Academic Business and Tourism Fair is a dive into an ocean of possibilities. Visit the fair on September 26th and 27th at Universidade Potiguar - UnP and discover the infinite routes your future can take. Entry is free and open to all audiences. Be ready to discover, learn and build your tomorrow! ABOUT UNP Universidade Potiguar (UnP) was founded in 1981 under the name Faculty of Administration, Accounting Sciences and Economic Sciences – UNIPEC received accreditation as a UNIVERSITY in 1996 (D.O.U. 20/12/1996), being, to date, the only university private company operating in Rio Grande do Norte. UnP, in its Statute, presents itself as a “multidisciplinary institution that trains higher education professionals, promoting research and extension, in the form of a community inspired by fundamental freedoms”. Universidade Potiguar was born more than 40 years ago from the dream of bringing quality Higher Education to the most diverse places in Rio Grande do Norte. Its history is marked by pioneering spirit in every activity it carries out, going beyond the capital – Natal – and reaching the cities of Mossoró, Caicó and Pau dos Ferros. Since its foundation, until today, UnP is the only private university and the largest private higher education institution in Rio Grande do Norte. Potiguar University Address: Avenue João da Escóssia, Number 1561 - Neighborhood Nova Betânia , City of Mossoró - State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, ZIP CODE 59.607-330 PARTNER INSTITUTION ProTurismoRN is an alliance of professionals, companies, brands and institutions linked to the tourism, gastronomy, culture, hospitality, entertainment, leisure, crafts, events and social entrepreneurship sectors. ProTurismoRN is in the process of formalization and association with OCERN – Organization of Cooperatives of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, which in turn is linked to OCB – Organization of Cooperatives of Brazil. The administrators of ProTurismoRN are businessmen Jales Júnior and Alexandre Dantas, owners of Prommove Turismo & Market and Aleh-Tur Productions & Events, respectively. ProTurismoRN emerged in September 2022 and has held events and promoted tourism in the western region of Rio Grande do Norte in more than 30 cities through partners and professionals working in areas related to the institution's objectives, as well as establishing contact and alliances with various entities representing the State. ProTurismoRN Address: Avenue João da Escóssia, Number 39 - Neighborhood Center, City of Mossoró - State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, ZIP CODE 59.600-166 Website https://heylink.me/proturismo/

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