National Youth Symposium on Cultural Heritage

Dar Es Salaam

World Tourism Day (WTD) is a global celebration that pays homage to the extraordinary impact of tourism on the world's economy, culture, and environment. On September 27th, as we commemorate WTD, Youth of United Nations Association (Tanzania) in partnership with the National Museum of Tanzania are organizing the "National Youth Symposium on Cultural Heritage." with the resonating theme "Asili Yangu, Fahari Yangu."
This symposium stands as a beacon of inspiration, a platform where the essence of cultural heritage converges with the dynamic spirit of youth. Our journey extends beyond the event day, encompassing riveting pre-activities like the transformative Mobile Museum and enlightening school outreach programs. These initiatives serve as a gateway for young minds to connect with their roots and to envision the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. Through insightful Presentations, Panel discussions, exhibitions and meaningful interactions, we explore how preserving our cultural treasures can pave the way for sustainable tourism practices. "Asili Yangu, Fahari Yangu" encapsulates the pride we hold for our origins and underscores our collective commitment to shaping a future that values both our heritage and our progress. Join us in this journey of exploration, preservation, and empowerment.

Asili Yangu, Fahari Yangu.
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