AMBIS University

Country: Czech Republic


The College of Regional Development and Banking Institute – AMBIS, a. s. (hereinafter AMBIS) is a
higher educational institution established in 2001.
AMBIS prepares highly qualified specialists for work in attractive service industries, corporate and
public sectors, offering quality education in accredited programs to start their career in middle or top
management of tourism, and service businesses, in public administration, regional governance, and in
urban and regional development. The mission of AMBIS is preparing students to succeed at work and in
life. The strategic vision of AMBIS is to become a leader in the development and dissemination of innovative
and sustainable tourism strategies and procedures at all levels of management.
Since 2001, AMBIS has prepared more than 13, 200 students for careers in the corporate and public
sectors. AMBIS is a part of COGNOS AG - one of the largest independent private educational groups in
Germany and it has the most extensive history of all private higher education institutions in the Czech
Republic. Ambis is taught not only by academics but also by practitioners so students can combine
theoretical knowledge with practical skills that help them to find a suitable job in the sector.
Scientific and research activities are an integral part of the activities of the school and its academic
staff. Ambis's ambition is to establish itself as a research institution delivering high-quality results in
primary, applied, and contractual research. Ambis is developing its scientific and research activities through
an internal grant agency (IGA), contract research projects implemented for private companies and
government departments, participation in national and international project calls.