Culinary Tourism Alliance

Country: Canada


Our vision is to ensure food tourism is a meaningful and sustainable contributor to local economies in destinations worldwide. We bridge the gap between the food and drink and travel industries working with communities to grow food tourism by leveraging the history, heritage, and culture behind the food and drink that makes each destination unique.

Operating as a not-for-profit food tourism development organization, our mandate is to:

  • Be a global leader in diverse and inclusive culinary and agritourism destination development
  • Build destination’s taste of place by supporting agriculture, viticulture, and aquaculture industries across the culinary tourism value chain
  • Foster stakeholder engagement and relationship building results in new and/or enriched food and agritourism experiences that are mindful of the natural resources and cultures they showcase
  • Seek and encourage partnership development that will increase capacity, leverage audiences, promote innovation, and maximize resources
  • Promote authentic tastes of place by sharing stories with pride, honouring the cultures that create these experiences

Ms. Rebecca Mackenzie