Bhutan Unveils New National Brand - Believe

On September 23, 2022, Bhutan reopened its borders to the world, welcoming international guests back to the Kingdom after more than two years. At the same time, it launched a new national brand designed to inspire national pride and spark the imaginations of citizens and visitors alike.   

The brand reflects Bhutan’s character and landscapes, history and ambitions: bold, vivid, richly storied and utterly distinctive – rebranding it for a new future, both for its people and its guests who are seeking a different travel experience.

Julien Beaupre Ste-Marie, Managing Director, MMBP & Associates, the branding agency involved, says: “Working closely with the Kingdom of Bhutan to create its new national brand has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and for our team. We are one piece of the puzzle in a much larger era of transformation—it truly feels like history in the making. The learnings we made working alongside such an inspired group of Bhutanese people and international stakeholders will influence how we work for years to come. Similarly, as the world wakes up to the damaging effects of unrestricted mass tourism and tries to find ways to mitigate climate change, this small and mighty country has many lessons to share with the world. Our hope is that our work and this brand helps to carry this vision forward.”    

Few foreigners have experienced Bhutan's extraordinary nature and culture for themselves. This small nation of only 800,000 people has long practised a policy of ‘high value, low volume’ tourism to protect and preserve its peace, its sacred places and its wildernesses. As it reopens to embrace visitors once more, one of the notable changes is the increase in the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF), a daily contribution made by visitors towards Bhutan’s development. The funds raised by the SDF will play an invaluable role in supporting a range of social, environmental and cultural initiatives, as well as Bhutan’s wider aspirations. It’s these plans and programmes that Bhutan’s brand – and new campaign – is built upon. It offers a rallying cry to believe - in the nation’s capabilities, its values, its global contribution, its responsibilities, and its future.

A vital element of the strategy was to create a new graphic identity for Bhutan—a contemporary interpretation of the country’s heritage that would offer a pathway towards the future. It draws on the Bhutanese flag’s vibrant yellow and orange, with further colour palette inspiration from nature — the cypress green of the forests that cover 70% of the country, the blue of Bhutan’s national flower, the Himalayan blue poppy, and a soft black referencing the natural soot from the fires burning in the country’s hearths.




A sense of possibility greets you in Bhutan, a feeling that other ways of being in the world and experiencing life are within reach. Far from the humdrum and the hectic, removed from hollow luxury and high pressure, Bhutan is proof that happiness, connection, respite and revelation are our birthright. Restoring one’s sense of belief is the kingdom’s real gift to its visitors. The nation itself believes in a better future, led by wisdom from its past – a belief it is manifesting daily.


Bold, Confident

Our distinct logotype is the manifestation of a bold and confident country, grounded in time-honoured traditions and a majestic landscape.

Contemporary, Clear

Clean lines create a contemporary feel, mirroring the nation’s future-facing ethos. Our logotype’s elegant and crisp expression conveys the elevated experience Bhutan offers its guests.

Traditional, Warm

With a gentle curve, our logotype alludes to the warm and grounded personality of the Bhutanese people. This timeless and organic form embodies the kingdom’s earthy character.

Graphic elements:


Hand-painted architectural decoration is one of the 13 crafts, or zorig chosum, that represent Bhutanese cultural identity. Traditional motifs have been reimagined with digital precision to create dynamic, new icons.

Auspicious Symbols

A series of auspicious symbols has been given a bold, graphic reworking in high-contrast hues, evoking Bhutan’s dynamism and transformation, rooted in its vibrant heritage.

Mythical Animals

Four auspicious beasts from Buddhist mythology, carrying powerful symbolism, have been digitally redrawn. Imbued with all their traditional meaning – but presented with newly sharp definition and vivid colour – they invoke stories past, present and future.