A Real-time Safety and Congestion Level Analysis System for Jeju Tourist Sites

The Jeju Tourism Organization, an industry leader in smart tourism, launches a big data-based tourism service platform.


Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and the Jeju Tourism Organization (CEO Koh Eun-Sook) launched a real-time tourist congestion analysis service in December 2020 that actively utilizes big data technology to help Jeju tourists to enjoy their visit without the need to worry about COVID-19.

The service uses data from base stations owned by the telecommunications company SKT to update and provide regional distribution maps by gender and age of residents/tourists every 5 minutes. Users can view places with significant resident and tourist populations in real-time, as well as places that have the greatest increase in traffic in the last 3 hours. Statistics for the last 24 hours are also available to assess the popularity and congestion of each location.

The service provides information for tourists to travel safely and with peace of mind, suggesting visitor times that are less congested. You can find this service on the official Jeju tourism information portal, VisitJeju (, operated by the Jeju Tourism Organization. The agency plans to offer it on mobile and as an application in the second half of 2021.

JTO will also support the creation of various tourism businesses that fit individual/non-face-to-face tourism trends. Based on the tourist distribution map, the agency is promoting distributed regional marketing through customized recommendation services for tourists and developing an analysis service that integrates data in the tourism industry.

According to a big data analysis of the moving patterns of Jeju tourists, JTO has established and managed COVID-19 countermeasure clusters that focused on eight major destinations. Similarly, a tourism-related disease prevention system that is tailored to Jeju Island is expected to be more effectively created and operated through this real-time tourist congestion analysis service.

“Our goal is to become a leader in smart tourism with our big data-based tourism service platform. We will continue to meet the needs of residents by helping to revitalize the local economy after the COVID-19 crisis has subsided by providing practical services that are based on an analysis of big data and the statistical management of the tourism industry,” said an official from the Jeju Tourism Organization.


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