UNWTO AM Report Vol. 4 'Global Report on Food Tourism'

UNWTO AM Report Vol. 4 'Global Report on Food Tourism'

The Global Report on Food Tourism, Volume No.4 of the UNWTO Affiliate Members’ series of in-depth reports explores the links between tourism and food.

For many of the world’s billions of tourists, returning to familiar destinations to enjoy tried and tested recipes or travelling further afield in search of new and special cuisine, gastronomy has become a central part of the tourism experience.

Against this background, food tourism has gained increasing attention over the past years. Tourists are attracted to local produce and many destinations are centring their product development and marketing accordingly. With food so deeply connected to its origin, this focus allows destinations to market themselves as truly unique and appealing to those travellers who look to feel part of their destination through its flavours.

The report analyses the current situation of Food Tourism, through a survey of the UNWTO Affiliate Members as well as the reflections of professionals with extensive experience in international organizations, destination management, tourism companies and the training schools.

The Affiliate Members Programme is grateful to all the UNWTO Member States, Affiliate Members and other organizations who have contributed to this report.

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