Policy and Practice for Global Tourism

Policy and Practice for Global Tourism

Directed at all those working directly in tourism, as well as those simply interested in learning more about this dynamic sector, this publication brings together the ten major themes in world tourism today from sustainability to social networks and market trends to destination competitiveness.

Over the last year, the UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme has gathered together case studies and commentaries from over 30 Affiliate Members around the world which help to illustrate the themes covered in the book. As such, examples of UNWTO’s work in key areas as highlighted throughout the publication, have been enormously enriched by a spectrum of expert opinions from business leaders, destinations management organizations, academics and NGOs.

In his introduction to the book, UNWTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai says ‘Policy and Practice for Global Tourism’ provides an excellent introduction to the major themes and trends in world tourism today. This publication also demonstrates UNWTO’s firm commitment to promoting public-private partnerships in global tourism’.

Policy and Practice for Global Tourism is available to consult in the UNWTO e-Library and to purchase through the UNWTO Infoshop. Please see links below.