Live Geopolitics of International Tourism – The New Silk Roads

Live Geopolitics of International Tourism – The New Silk Roads

Published in French with the Paris editor L'Harmattan, the “GÉOPOLITIQUE VÉCUE DU TOURISME INTERNATIONAL – Les Nouvelles Routes de la Soie” compares contemporary tourism, which carries huge flows of visitors, but also wealth and ideas, all around the world to the role played historically between East and West by the ancient Silk Roads. A new nomadic society is taking shape, which imposes its cultural patterns to our globalized society.

Traveling through the New Silk Roads means crossing the major disorders of the world today – poverty, migrations, conflicts, terrorism, epidemics, pollution and global warming, reduction of biodiversity – with which tourism is closely interrelated, in most of the cases as a victim, but sometimes also as a contributor.

Francesco Frangially, former Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), makes us explore every corner of our Planet, visit destinations freshly opened and meet with communities isolated until recently. We share his discoveries and experiences, meet with him well-known personalities and understand better the various economic, cultural and political dimensions of modern travel and tourism.

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ISBN: 978-2-343-11964-9