Tourism in the Headlines: UNWTO conference looks to place tourism in the news

Tourism in the Headlines: UNWTO conference looks to place tourism in the news

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The first international conference dedicated exclusively to the relationship between tourism and the media is to be held by UNWTO and Croatia under the title Tourism in the Headlines    (12-13 September, Zagreb, Croatia).

The conference will address why, despite being one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economic sectors, tourism rarely makes the headlines or the economic pages of newspapers. Globally, as an export category, tourism ranks fourth after fuels, chemicals and the automotive industry, yet its economic and development relevance is often overlooked by the media.

The conference aims to improve the extent and accuracy of tourism coverage; a highly image-sensitive sector in which negative press and sensational stories can mean the loss of livelihoods. Counting on the presence of top communications experts, it will also be an opportunity for tourism communicators to learn of the tools and strategies available for getting their story across.   

Organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism of Croatia, and featuring CNN as global media partner, Tourism in the Headlines will bring together members of the global media, the specialized travel media, communication officials from tourism administrations and communications experts from around the world.

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