Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) launches its new tourism brand “Imagine your Korea”

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) launches its new tourism brand “Imagine your Korea”

With the aim of attracting up to 20 million tourists in the forthcoming years, the Republic of Korea has launched its new tourism brand “Imagine your Korea”.

Resulting from an online contest carried out by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea and KTO which attracted over 9,000 participants, the new brand reflects the country’s natural blend of modernity and tradition, and intends to reinforce Korea’s image as a creative and attractive destination with multiple natural and cultural attractions able to appeal to the young and experienced traveller alike.

As the President of KTO, Mr. Choo Suk Byun, says: “With the launching of the new brand, we can reinforce the global awareness that Korea is a creative country filled with the latest trends and sophisticated culture, thereby contributing to the opening of an era that welcomes 20 million foreign tourists”.

To accompany the launch of the new brand, a promotional clip featuring K-Pop star Big-Bang, KTO’s official PR Ambassador, will be released in China, Japan, Russia and throughout South-east Asia.

For more information regarding the newly launched brand “Imagine your Korea”, please visit the website www.imagineyourkorea.com

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Save the Date! - 5th UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting:

The UNWTO Silk Road Programme, a collaborative platform of 31 Member States designed to foster sustainable tourism development along the historic routes, is pleased to count upon the Republic of Korea as an active member of its Programme, and is pleased to announce that Silk Road destinations will convene for the first time in Korea in 2015 for the 5th UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting.

Scheduled to take place in the historic city of Geongju, this annually held event will highlight the tourism potential of the Silk Road in Asia and beyond, and will follow-up on the progress made since the adoption of the Silk Road Action Plan 2014/2015. Further information on the upcoming event to be made available in due course.

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