Bolivia, Mysteries of Titicaca

Bolivia, Mysteries of Titicaca

Thanks to funding from Europamundo and after a year of activities, a ST-EP project was recently concluded: “Mysteries of Titicaca in the Main Andean Road of Qhapac Ñan”, an inter-community cultural tourism product. In this product consolidation phase, work was carried out to improve the situation of three communities, Pata Patani, Quehuaya and Pariti, through job creation, alternative income and access to basic infrastructure.

The museums of Pariti and Pata Patani, which have valuable archaeological objects, were restored. As for the Albergue de Quehuaya, aside from upgrading its decorative aspects, it was equipped with running water, which is vital for its proper operation and receiving visitors.

The circuit “Mysteries of Titicaca” was designed, with road signs to facilitate tourist visits to the communities. Throughout the route, information and interpretation panels were installed on Lake Titicaca and Lago Menor, the Cordillera Real, and the archaeological site of Tamaya. Months after the improvement of these facilities, visitor flows grew substantially.

Furthermore, in order to achieve quality service, a training programme was carried out whose content focused on business management, quality of service, and customer service.

The product “Mysteries of Titicaca” was positioned through promotion and the creation of partnerships with operators. In this regard, a familiarization tour for tour operators and media was conducted in April, and five marketing support agreements were signed with agencies interested in including the “Mysteries of Titicaca” circuit in their offerings. Promotional materials were produced such as leaflets, photographs, a video and the website