2nd Meeting of the UNWTO Silk Road Task Force 2012: Presentations now online!

The UNWTO Silk Road Task Force was created in 2011 to oversee the development of the UNWTO Silk Road Programme and help implement the ‘Silk Road Action Plan’. This group of Silk Road countries' representatives, Affiliate Members, and experts is working closely with UNWTO to determine key strategies and actions, endorse and promote campaign activities and share best practices.

At the 2nd Meeting of the UNWTO Silk Road Task Force, UNWTO provided an update on the progress of the ‘Silk Road Action Plan 2012/2013’ and consulted Members on proposed strategies and activities for 2013. Members have been requested to share their best practices, updates and future plans for developing tourism along the Silk Road.




Luis Leitao, Producer Pilot Productions, Generating PR for the Silk Road – Behind the Scenes on the 20th Anniversary Globe Trekker Round the World TV Special 2012 ('Globe Trekker Round The World' Trailer')

On the occasion of Globe Trekker's 20th anniversary Pilot Productions is organizing a ROUND THE WORLD marathon consisting of 6 epic journeys undertaken by Globe Trekker’s most popular presenters. In collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), episodes 4 and 5 will focus on the legendary Silk Road. For more information click here.



Alla Peressolova, Head of the UNWTO Silk Road Programme, UNWTO Silk Road Programme Update and Opportunities for 2013



Natalia Mchedlishvili, Head of Marketing Department, Georgia National Tourism Administration, Raising the profile of Wine and Gastronomy on the Silk Road

Graham Barrow, Representative, Macclesfield Silk Road Heritage TrustPutting Macclesfield on the modern Silk Road map