UNWTO and WTM raise the profile of the Silk Road at the 2011 edition of WTM London

UNWTO and WTM raise the profile of the Silk Road at the 2011 edition of WTM London

At the 2011 edition of the WTM London, UNWTO worked with WTM to successfully implement a series of activities designed to raise the profile of the Silk Road and encourage networking between interested stakeholders. The programme of events included the WTM Speed Networking event (Monday 7 November), the first UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting (Wednesday 9 November), and the Silk Road Ch@llenge bloggers' competition (Wednesday 9 November). 

At the WTM Speed Networking event, UNWTO organised a special welcome desk for Silk Road stakeholders and participants were encouraged to meet the UNWTO Silk Road team to discuss their interest and business experiences on the Silk Road. Over 200 participants took part in this major networking event organised by WTM, and UNWTO was pleased to support it by encouraging its contacts to take part.

The first meeting of the UNWTO Silk Road Task Force brought together key representatives from UNESCO, Silk Road Member States, UNWTO Affiliate Members, the private sector and associations to discuss and plan priorities for the UNWTO Silk Road Programme 2012-2013. Special presentations on proposed activity were given and participants will have the opportunity to share their experience and views on the future of Silk Road tourism. For more information see the related news story.

The 'Silk Road Challenge' was a special competition run as part of the Social Travel Market programme at WTM. The Challenge was to create the best travel blog by meeting the Silk Road destinations on their stands, and gathering the most exciting stories and news.

The winning blogger was Sophie Collard who blogs at www.sophieontrack.com. She visited all of the five stands but chose to write about an encounter on the Kazakhstan stand. She sampled some horse meat delicacies, even shooting a short video to accompany her post, and met “two buff guys” in local dress from the country. You can read about her Silk Road Ch@llenge here.

 For another first hand account on the Silk Road at WTM, see Kathryn Bullock's blog: http://networkedblogs.com/q0wgP