Tourism Linking Cultures on the Silk Road - JATA 2011

Tourism Linking Cultures on the Silk Road - JATA 2011

Tourism Linking Cultures on the Silk Road


UNWTO World Tourism Day at JATA Tokyo - 30 September 2011

In recognition of the significance of the ancient Silk Road as a vehicle for cultural exchange and understanding, UNWTO and JATA will hold a special World Tourism Day event "Tourism Linking on the Silk Road" at JATA 2011.

Join us to celebrate cultural diversity and the positive impacts of tourism at this special event organized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and JATA Tourism Forum & Travel Showcase. Discover how UNWTO and over 25 countries are working together to create new opportunities for tourism development along the Silk Road - one of the world's most culturally significant historic travel routes.

This event will include an Industry Seminar featuring special presentations from UNWTO and leading international destinations, followed by a Networking Cocktail where delegates can meet while enjoying Silk Road culture and cuisine.

The presentations from this event are now available online here.



The UNWTO Silk Road Programme is an initiative of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a specialized agency of the United Nations. In collaboration with Member States, UNESCO and other UN agencies, the private sector and civil society, the Programme aims to enhance sustainable tourism development and promote cultural diversity along the historic Silk Road route. This event is co-organized by the UNWTO Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific