First UNWTO.TedQual Mentoring Activity in Europe

The first UNWTO.TedQual Mentoring Activity in Europe has just taken place from 20 to 22 September 2010 at the César Ritz College, Switzerland. Within this initiative, the Cesar Ritz College received another UNWTO.TedQual Institution - the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus (HHIC) - with the aim to give them support to update their curriculum and pedagogical system.

This activity is the first of a number of others, where members of the UNWTO.TedQual Network will give HHIC a French, Anglo-Saxon and Spanish perspective on the abovementioned areas of work, where the UNWTO.TedQual Institutions have a big and natural expertise. The next in-situ activity will be carried out in Cyprus at the end of October.
The UNWTO.TedQual mentoring programme, together with the UNWTO.TedQual Exchange Programme of the UNWTO.Themis Foundation look forward to supporting the update and internationalization of knowledge between UNWTO.TedQual Institutions and of tourism education institutions/programmes, particularly in least developed countries.