WTD Celebrations in Hungary

On 27th September HNTO will award the best Eco-tourism Services and Sites of Hungary as part of the WTD Celebrations to raise awareness on the importance of the link between nature and tourism. After the ceremony, accompanied by staff members, Gergely Horváth, CEO of the Hungarian National Tourist Office, is to distribute small bars of chocolate of "love" (in wrappers displaying the heart-shaped logo of Hungary introduced as a symbol of love) and maps to tourists in Vörösmarty Square, Budapest. All of Hungary's tourist regions are to take part in the campaign the HNTO will run on World Tourism Day. In addition to managing their own surprises, the regional directorates of the HNTO will contribute to the success of the campaign by involving regional partners. Domestic and foreign guests will also be accorded special attention at numerous locations on World Tourism Day by the network of Tourinform Offices. The HNTO has motivated travel trade professionals to participate in its World Tourism Day campaign by calling on leading trade organisations and companies involved directly in meeting tourists upon arrival to join the visitor-friendly initiative with an activity of their own invention. Trade organisations and associations responded with enthusiasm and asked their members to join and the representatives of various service providers and program owners have flooded the HNTO with creative ideas about a wide variety of methods and means to please tourists on World Tourism Day. The Hungarian National Tourist Office also promotes World Tourism Day and the celebrations at its website http://visit-hungary.com/ and on Facebook.com/HungaryTourism