World Tourism Day in Zahedan

Zahedan is a city in and the capital of Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran and is located near Pakistan and Afghanistan, only about 41 km south of the tripoint of the borders of the three countries. The city is somehow unique due to different tribes and ethnics. People who live in Zahedan, include Balouchs, Sistanis, Sikhs, Khorasani, Kermani, Yazdi,etc. live in the same city peacefully although they all have different cultures and traditions. Sistan and Baluchestan is the youngest province of Iran and therefore has the potential of cultural activities. Considering these facts the first Book Café of the city was opened in Summer 2014 by Mehbang Development and Education Institute. Mehbang Development and Education Institute is a society which has been involved in promotional Cultural and Scientific projects in Sistan and Baluchestan Province since the society’s establishment in 1999. Mehbang is generally consisted of young members (born in 1980-1998) who are mostly female volunteers and has conducted many promotional programs since then. WTD’s celebrations are organized to be held in Zahedan Book Café. Regarding 2014 theme (Tourism and Community Development), different NGOs active in Scientific, Cultural, and Art issues, and some representative of different tribes are all invited to celebrate the event. Talks on the theme are planned to be presented along with an exhibition of photography on the theme and handicrafts of the province with a live Baluchi and Sistani music performed by local musicians. This celebration is considered to provide an opportunity to gather all these people and groups together to be more familiar with their field of activities and to be a small step in opening ways for new outlooks for a better future of the inhabitants of the City.