World tourism day in Vinca on Danube

Volonteers and their communities will meet at the plateau of the archeological site "Belo brdo" in Vinca, for the all day event of music, ecology and activism. Local NGO sector will organize public workshops and market with various content, related to music, dance, ecology, organic products, handcrafts, while at the same time, we will start a massive volontary cleanup action at the most polluted areas in the proximity, with goal to encourage more investment in the area. Also, as a headline of the event will be new youth space in our village. After many years of waiting, young people in Vinca will finally get a first glimpse of a new "Exospace" youth cultural center, that is being created 250 meters from the event location. So we invite you all to participate at one of the most important events of this year for our village. Event is part of project "Exospace / Cultural molecule / Volontary cleanup action" by Association of non-aligned artists. It is funded through "Youths rule" programme of Ministry of Youth and sports, and coordinated by Civil initiatives.