World Tourism Day: Shared Grounds Foundation, Manipur Chapter

Tourism is another area where Shared Grounds Foundation plans to do some work and what better way than to start starting off by celebrating the World Tourism Day?! World Tourism Day is celebrated on the 27th of September, every year by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). This year the theme is "Tourism for All: Promoting Universal Accessibility!" Tourism experience is usually restricted or limited for the ailing, aging and those who are differently-abled. Shared Grounds Foundation, in our very limited capacity, is planning a small tour for about 10 people who have specific needs. On a very short notice, we are being supported by the India Tourism, Manipur and Spastic Society, Manipur and we are planning to take them to Mapao Village of Senapati District; where the main event will be observed. We are taking them to Kangla after Mapao and hopefully some more other places for sightseeing. The idea is to make them visit and experience a few tourist places that we take for granted but is a little difficult for them to access. Through this event, we are also hoping to spread awareness and “hopefully inspire others to take steps towards broadening the availability of accessible offers in tourism destinations.