World Tourism Day Hangout

This year’s World Tourism Day spotlights tourism and community development. We’ll update’s guide to Community Tourism and ask our guests about their experiences around the globe. Community development is of particular interest as it’s hard to see the point of travel if you do not get the opportunity to meet the locals in a way that is mutually beneficial. That said, tourism often has a negative impact and we must find ways now to diminish the damages that irresponsible travel causes. We also need to work toward more practical views of tourism in communities, particularly rural communities. Far too often governments and NGOs alike promote tourism as a motor for economic development without the wherewithal to collaborate with communities over the long-haul. Far too many white elephant visitors centers and unused cabins dot the landscape. Far too many rural tourism officials lack the capacity in simple communication — how many non-functioning websites and emails are out there in 2014 that promote community tourism? Questions What are examples of tourism that benefit communities? How do communities minimize negative impacts of tourism? How can the Web be used to promote responsible travel to rural communities? How can local, regional and national governments, universities, NGOs and media best assist community tourism? What is the difference between community tourism, community-based tourism and community-driven tourism? How do travelers visit a rural community in the rhythm of the community? Guest: Anders Karrstedt Questions: Ethan Gelber Sonja Holverson Greg Hubbs Ursula Streit Starting Time Details Slideshare YouTube Google+ Event