The world tourism day celebration and opening ceremony of KunYu mountain RV camp

Yantai—a city favorable for human settlement . Yantai located at the middle part of Shandong Peninsula, overlooks Liaodong Peninsula across the Bohai Sea and Huanghai Sea to its north. Surrounded by mountains and seas,Yantai is blessed with the picturesque landscape and four distinct seasons. It is a vibrant and beautiful coastal city favorable for human settlement, known as the “Fairyland on Earth and City of Wine”, where you can enjoy blue sea and sky, golden sunshine and beach, miraculous islands, spectacular Penlai Pavilion, illusive mirage, clusters of grapes and numerous hot springs. The city, as a well-known tourist resort, has 98%air quality excellence rate and 40% forest coverage. Yantai is also called the "Hometown of Fruits", it has developed fruit industry. Yantai is abundant with apple, Laiyang Pear, Pear with long stem, grape, hawthorn, big cherry and Chinese chestnut etc. Kunyu Mountain is the origin of Quanzhen Sect of Taoism, which was visited by the ancient Chinese emperors across 2000 kilometers. It has very good ecological environment with 1073 kinds of plants, 1161 kinds of birds and animals and insects. It is a very good RV camping place. activities of the world tourism day celebration and KunYu mountain RV camp opening ceremony The representative of KunYu mountain natural reserve introduces KunYu mountain RV camping situation. The delegate of the city tourism bureau introduces the world tourism day activities. The representatives of the tourism volunteers read the written proposal “go to the nature--ecotourism”. Present the overseas friends and the delegates of tourists with free tickets of the scenic spot. Issue RV key to persons of the first batch to experience. The delegates visit RV. Tourists live in RV and tents. Have open evening dinner and play outdoor movie. Welcome to KunYu mountain . Our e-mail is, please contact us.