World Tourism Day

Today September 27th 2012 we, students of the International Baccalaureate – Diploma Program from Choithram International, Indore – India, celebrated the World Tourism Day, whose theme for this year is Tourism and Sustainable Energy. As part of our CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) program, it is our duty to bring about awareness of the importance of tourism along with sustainable energy to our society. During this important day, we have counted with the collaboration of younger classes (1st – 5th grade) and Tirathbhai Kalachand School, Indore. In order to create awareness in Tirathbai Kalachand School, students of the second year of the program did a PowerPoint presentation on the important guidelines that should be followed while planning on going to a touristic destination, also gave speech about the importance of sustainable energy, Grade 5 students presented a hilarious skit on the “dream city” with a message that in that city all are successfully using sustainable energy resources and all are conserving biodiversity. Kids had the opportunity to give their ideas of a “dream” city, as well as the components, and benefits of that city, including all the aspects of sustainable energy, such as less electricity, less pollution, and more of self-sustained technology such as solar power, recycling, etc… and even organized Poster making competition on tourism for the younger audience.