Tourism Inspires Hope

Financial insecurity and other factors that increase the risk of homelessness are obstacles that stop many young people from experiencing the benefits of tourism. The travel & tourism teachers and students at Sydney TAFE have invited 18 young people who face these obstacles on a daily basis to join us on a city tour of Sydney, Australia. We train young people to enter the tourism industry with job-ready skills and this year's theme "Tourism for all" has inspired us to do something out of the ordinary. It has inspired us to do something that motivates young people who would not normally participate in tourism to view tourism as a career! We have designed our tour to deliver non-stop fun but more importantly to deliver hope. Our goal is to inspire these young people to consider tourism as a potential career. We'll do this by introducing them to the many young people who are presently working at the sites we visit and explain the pathway to achieving those jobs - and ultimately, the pathway to a successful and secure career in tourism.