Technology at the service of Tourism for All

Technology at the service of Tourism for All

Over the past decade, technology has been significantly changing the way we travel through a wide array of websites or mobile applications that are used for making travel arrangements, purchasing transport tickets, accommodation booking systems, searching for information on leisure and culture in the desired tourism destination, as well as for obtaining guidance at the destination itself.

New technologies can contribute to making the tourism experience more accessible and rewarding for everyone; their development entails knowledge of the needs of all potential users, including seniors, persons with disabilities and others with reduced mobility. 

The use of these technologies at destinations is related to the concept of “smart tourist destinations”. Such destinations are innovative in terms of the products and services they offer and are responsible with regard to people and the environment, while incorporating technology and universal accessibility throughout the value chain of the tourism experience in order to be more sustainable and competitive.

This panel will highlight some examples of good practices regarding the development and use of new technologies in the fields of travel, tourism and leisure. It will also address the major challenges for generalizing the use of these technologies in the various links of the accessibility chain in tourism.



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