Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) is responsible for promotion of tourism sector in second largest province of Pakistan, Punjab. TDCP is getting enough support from Government of the Punjab being the priority sector. Further, Government is committed to promote this sector through infrastructure development for socio economic benefits. Consequently, Tourism sector has grown steadily in recent years. The tourism comprises a complex network of stakeholders and groups that have an interest in the development, management and marketing of tourism sector. The support, commitment and cooperation of these stakeholders for long term growth of tourism sector is mandatory. Therefore TDCP always consider it essential to involve all stakeholders, and particularly the local community, in the planning process for sustainable tourism. This year´s World Tourism Day is an opportunity to celebrate the transformative potential of one billion tourists, which further reflects its close linkages with economic aspects addressing some of the world´s most pressing challenges, including socio-economic growth, development and environmental preservation. Taking advantage of this opportunity TDCP has planned to celebrate World Tourism Day with following activities: I. Awareness about the World Tourism Day theme in educational institutions & other organizations through power point presentations with reference to tourism potential for socio-economic development, making a genuine difference in the lives of millions of people by providing livelihood opportunities, poverty alleviation and drive inclusive development. II. Printing of UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai message, Publicity & promotion of “World Tourism 2015” Theme through banners, steamers and bill boards, for public awareness at all important sites of Lahore and other provincial regions. III. Following the theme of “World Tourism Day 2015” TDCP is organizing a seminar of tourism stakeholders, including Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Hoteliers, Backpackers Club, Researchers & Analysts, Media Groups, Recreational Clubs, Transporters, relevant Government Departments( Women Development Department, Planning & development Department, Environment Department, Education Department, Youth Affairs Department etc), NGOs, International organizations (WWF, World Bank, Adventure Clubs, Archaeological Societies etc) and Hospitality Education Institutions. The seminar will specifically focused on: • Innovation and competitiveness • Sustainable socio economic development • Pakistan's image as a tourist destination. Preparations are in high gear for the upcoming event by Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab. During the seminar Mr. Ahmer Mallick, Managing Director, Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab, will highlight the stakeholders about Government Development Strategies, new initiatives, specific challenges affecting the tourism industry, opportunities to enhance the social and economic impact of the sector and way forward to strengthen and promote tourism sector. Seminar will provide invaluable insight to participating tourism stakeholders on how to further develop and grow the tourism sector. All the individuals, organizations and entities that will participate shall be benefited immensely, as it would be an opportunity for them to gain an immense amount of information about best practices in the industry. Further, industry stakeholders will find an opportunity to share their experiences and issues. The purpose of the seminar is to review the existing circumstances and adopt new and successful future strategies. Post event report shall be submitted to UNWTO for information. Registration for the seminar is already open. However, for additional information & confirmation contact General Manager (Operations) Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------