Preparations are in high gear for the upcoming “World Tourism Day 2015” by Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab. Following the theme a seminar has been arranged to feature contributions from several tourism experts, stakeholders including Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Adventure Clubs, NGOs, WWF, Environment Department, Hoteliers, Backpackers Club, Researchers & Analysts (print & electronic media), Recreational Clubs, Transporters, Women Development Department, Information & Culture Department, Education & Youth Affairs Department etc, Seminar will focus on areas such as enhancing tourism linkages for social and economic impact and opportunities for partnership & collaboration with Government institutions as well as stakeholders. Mr. Ahmer Mallick, Managing Director, Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab, will highlight the stakeholders about Government Development Strategies & new initiatives, specific challenges affecting the tourism industry, opportunities to enhance the social and economic impact of the sector and way forward to strengthen and promote tourism sector.” Seminar will provide invaluable insight to participating tourism stakeholders on how to further develop and grow the tourism sector. All the individuals, organizations and entities that will participate shall be benefited immensely, as it would be an opportunity for them to gain an immense amount of information about best practices in the industry. Further, industry stakeholders will find an opportunity to share their experiences and issues. The purpose of the seminar is to review the existing circumstances and adopt new and successful future strategies. Registration for the seminar is already open. However, for additional information & registration contact General Manager (Operations) Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab