A Photo Walk to a local Pottery Industry, District-Tinsukia, Assam, India

In concert with the theme for the WTD 2014 "Tourism & Community Development" ,a group of photographers of "Tinsukia Photographic Society" (TPS) visited the local 'Pottery Industry' and 'Regional Orchid Germplasm Conservation & Propagation Centre'(ROGCPC)of the district of Tinsukia, Assam, India on 27/09/2014. As for the former industry the head potter Mr Rambabu demonstrated the basic procedures for making potteries till the final products. He has two sons who look after running the business. Being quality producer of potteries their products are being bought by local as well as customers from distant areas, even from 100 kilometers away. It became a spot for tourist interest too. Their livelihood from this industry has been running quiet well since last two generations. This is empowering those individual in achieving sustainable development. As for the ROGCPC, the Head Conservationist & Researcher Mr Khyanjeet Gogoi demonstrated the visiting team of photographers the procedures for conservation of the locally available orchids as well as showcasing his collection of more than 200 varieties of them including the smallest variety of them which is only a milometer in size . The collected ones need acclimatization for 5-6 years before blooming to their full capacity. His state of affairs well demonstrated the ability of the individual entrepreneurship in conserving as well as running a commercially viable business out of the locally available flora in achieving sustainable development of this region.