Photo contest «I love Kazakhstan»

National Chamber Entrepreneurs the Republic of Kazakhstan «Atameken» jointly Capital Tourism Association and Association travel agencies Kazakhstan conducted photo contest «I love Kazakhstan» (further-photo contest) before on September 20, 2016. The main goal of the Photo Contest - show Kazakhstan with its rich history, unique nature and original culture and traditions through the camera lens. Also, the photo contest provides a unique opportunity to express themselves both professionals and amateurs the art of photography in the country. Implementation of the Photo Contest "I love Kazakhstan" timed to the World Tourism Day (UNWTO), as well as the Kazakh - Chinese tourism forum, which will be held in Astana on September 28, 2016. Kazakh - Chinese tourism forum - a new platform for networking between professionals of the tourism industry from different countries, who are highly skilled in building relationships with tourists from China. Photo Contest Winners will receive valuable prizes and the most interesting works of participants Photo Contest will be selected to participate in the photo exhibition to be held at the time of the Kazakhstani - Chinese tourism forum. Because of this, all the participants of the forum will be able to see the face of a diverse population of Kazakhstan through the eyes of his country. The Jury Photo Contest invited professionals of photo art of the Kazakhstan business channel Atameken Business Chanel. Topics Photo Contest (but not its nominations): • Revived history. Photos that are associated with objects of cultural and historical heritage of Kazakhstan and its modern appearance; • connecting thread. Photos that reflect the link between generations of Kazakhstan and their continuity. Also, this category includes images of old customs and traditions of Kazakhstan in the modern world; • Rest in their native lands. The category includes photos related to tourism and tourist places in Kazakhstan; • Strength in unity. The photos that illustrate the multinational Republic of Kazakhstan: the life of representatives of different peoples in the country, the moments of ethno-cultural festivals, celebrations and other national events of Peoples of Kazakhstan; Urban landscape. Photos, which depict cities of Kazakhstan, the rhythm of their lives. It is also to be placed in this category are suitable places cities of Kazakhstan, which are of great importance for the whole city, and for the photo contest participant in particular; • The unity of nature. Photos of wildlife, flora and fauna. Participant Photo Contest is open to any interested person in the following manner: it is necessary to register yourself as a member of the Photo Contest, as well as its competitive work or work on the official website of the Kazakh-Chinese tourism forum Before that, you need to carefully read the Regulations Photo Contest, which is also posted on the website