Official Opening Event for Tourism Professionals and for the public after the renovation

The oldest church in Pest! The Inner City Parish Church (Belvárosi Plébaniatemplom), located next to Elizabeth Bridge, is the oldest church in Pest. Founded in 1046, it bears witness to various architectural styles. Underneath the baroque façade and the gothic walls are the remains of a Romanesque basilica, built in the 12th century. The square next to the church, as well as the crypt exposes some Roman ruins, including the remains of Contra-Aquincum. The fort was built as an outpost of Aquincum. After a 2 years long inner renovation the church awaits its visitors again, not only for sacral events, but also as tourists. A group of tourism professional volunteers decided to launch a ceremony on the World Tourism Day and receive the public on this special day. There are more than 300 pre-registrations for the presentaion and the guided tours and we look forward to receive more and more in the coming days! Let us discover together the 2000 years heritage in the heart of Budapest!