National Tourism Week 2015 in General Santos City

General Santos City joins World Tourism Day 2015, in cooperation with the Philippine Department of Tourism and UNWTO, with the same theme: "1 Billion Tourists, 1 Billion Opportunities". CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES: A. NTW Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony | Four Tour MOA Signing | Miss Tourism Gala Show (Sept 23, 4pm at Veranza Mall Atrium) B. Gensan Tourism Exhibit Competition (Sept 23-Oct 2 at Veranza Mall Atrium) C. Gensan Tourism Summit (Sept 24, 8am at Phela Grande Convention Center) D. Tour Guiding Seminar (Sept 29-30, 8am at Phela Grande Hotel) E. Eco Talk 103: Bird Tourism (Sept 28, 8am, Venue TBA) F. Gensan Tourism Showcase (Sept 28-Oct 1 at Veranza Mall Atrium) G. NTW Culmination and Awarding (Oct 2, 4pm at Veranza Mall Atrium) H. Miss Tourism Pageant Night Competition (Oct 2, 6pm at Veranza Mall Alfresco) For more info, please call +63(083)553.8338 or email us at #NTW2015Gensan #WTD2015